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Pack 1001 is Cub Scout chapter located in the Stewarts Creek area of Smyrna, Tennessee. It is comprised of boys in grades 1-5 who, together with their parents, develop essential character traits, physical fitness, and civic responsibility.

The Pack is comprised of individual Dens whose members work together over the course of a year to earn a badge corresponding to their age group. These Cub Scouts meet weekly where they achieve certain badge requirements, and also meet as whole Pack on a monthly basis. There are multiple scouting events scheduled throughout the year within the Middle Tennessee region, where the boys get opportunities to participate in outdoor activities, volunteer service, and take field trips to various sites.

Because most of the boys attend Stewarts Creek Elementary School, Pack 1001 offers an outlet for them to make friends and socialize with their peers outside the classroom setting. On days when there are Pack Meetings, they are asked to wear their Cub Scout uniform to school to demonstrate their membership and to encourage their friends to join. Likewise, Pack 1001 brings boys closer to their parents who participate in these activities as partners.

Despite its relative newness, Pack 1001 already has a robust membership and is well-funded, not only from generous donations, but through Scout-led fundraising programs as well. This allows the Pack to defray many of the costs associated with certain activities, and provide supplies for events outdoors. The career diversity among the parents opens many opportunities for education and service that the Scouts might not otherwise receive. Additionally, the resources, talent, and creativity among Pack 1001 is exceptional, as demonstrated by the sleek aesthetics of their various Pinewood Derby cars, or in their Award-winning floats in the Town of Smyrna Christmas Parade.

Participation in Cub Scouts is often the first step in joining the Boy Scouts of America, and lays a solid foundation for young boys at a crucial time in their lives to become “physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.” We are happy to welcome you to our Pack, and willing to journey along this path with your child together, to build a stronger Smyrna, a stronger America, and a stronger world.

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